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Buy a used car with confidence
Free 1 Year Warranty
5 Days Return Policy

Do you want to make an immediate purchase?

Both private individuals and traders are able to purchase a car online.
You can avoid the whole bidding process by being the first to enter the Buy it  Now price.
The vehicle will be assigned to you immediately without going to auction and you will benefit of our 5 Days Return Policy and Free 1 Year Warranty.

It’s much easier than you thought. Now you can purchase a vehicle from the comfort of your own home in just a few easy steps.
You no longer need to commit to a long journey, simply transact from home and the vehicle is delivered to you.

We encourage you to act fast. The inventory available today may be sold by tomorrow.

The purchase procedure includes the following steps outlined below:

Secure your chosen vehicle

To take advantage of our great offers available for immediate purchase, simply click on Buy it Now – Submit Your Order button on the vehicle listing page, fill in the order form and we’ll do the rest!
Once we have received your order, we will issue the pro-forma Invoice and the Vehicle Sale Agreement and send it to you by email.
The Vehicle Sale Agreement is a legal contract stamped and signed by our manager which contains the transaction terms.
After receiving the contract, the Buyer must read it, sign it and send it back to us by email or, hand it to our delivery agent upon delivery.

Payments/Security Deposit

We require the full payment upfront if the vehicle’s price is lower than €10,000.
For prices over €10,000, we require a 50% refundable deposit. The 50% balance of payment will be paid after the car is delivered to the Buyer.
The Buyer must submit the payment by bank transfer within 2 business days since the payment Invoice has been issued and provide the SWIFT confirmation.
Important ***: Do not submit an order unless you can pay for it. After you have submitted an order, the payment must be made.
However, the payment is refundable without quibble if you decide to refuse the vehicle.


We will deliver the vehicle to an address of your choosing. Just let us know what suits you best.
The vehicles could be delivered anywhere within Europe for a fee that vary between €150 and €850 depending on Buyer’s physical location and type of Vehicle (Contact us for shipping quote).
The vehicles are delivered on a trailer within 4 to 10 business days since the payment is credited to Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing’s bank account mentioned on the pro-forma Invoice.


When the vehicle is delivered, the delivery agent will hand over the vehicle documents and keys to the Buyer.
On the day of handover the Buyer will need to provide an identity document (Identity Card / Passport or Driving License) to prove that he is the person we registered as buyer.
We will provide all of the documentation pertaining to your vehicle purchase including:
– Vehicle Registration Certificate
– Purchase Contract
– Invoice
– Warranty Certificate
– European Certificate of Conformity (COC)
– Service History (if applicable)
– Damage report (if applicable)
– Vehicle Insurance certificate (valid for 1 month)
– Temporary number plates (valid for 1 month)
– Valid PTI certificate (Periodical Technical Inspection)


Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing solely warrants that on the date of delivery the Vehicle conforms to the BVR Vehicle Description.
1 Year Warranty are offered to all the vehicles sold through Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing Platform.
For any technical problems that occurs within 1 year since the purchase of vehicle, Buyer shall notify the malfunction as soon as possible by submitting to Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing a document from an official workshop or dealer which describes the technical damage and lists the ID numbers of the required spare parts along with the pro-forma Invoice for the repairs.
Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing will pay for repairing the vehicle within 48 hours since receiving the pro-forma Invoice.

Returns, Cancellations and Refunds

5 Days Return Policy:
After the Vehicle is delivered, the Buyer will benefit from our 5 Days Trial Period in order to verify itself that the Vehicle complies with the BVR Vehicle Description. During this period the Buyer has the option to accept or reject the vehicle.
Malfunctions or damage to parts of the Vehicle that were not described on the vehicle description on the time of purchase will entitle the Buyer to reject the Vehicle and request a refund.
If the vehicle is not as described, we will collect ourselves the vehicle with no cost for the Buyer and will refund the payment in full.

– The Buyer may choose to cancel the transaction at the point of delivery/handover. In this instance we will cancel the sale and refund the payment in full.
– You cannot cancel your transaction at any point during the sale. After you have submitted an order, you are unable to cancel it until the vehicle is delivered to your location.That’s why we strongly recommend to submit an order only if you are truly determined to buy the vehicle.

The buyer has the rights to request a refund within maximum 5 days since he/she received the vehicle. The refund request must be sent by email or through our contact form and should contain the transaction number written on the invoice. Once we received the refund request we will send a trailer to collect the vehicle and refund the payment in full.


Vehicle Information

Seller expressly acknowledges that all the vehicles are previously inspected by our team of experienced technicians to ensure that we haven’t missed anything and will come with 1 Year warranty.
Vehicle Information may consist of one or more types of information, each of which shall be clearly identified as such on the Platform on the Vehicle Description and photos.
Brooklands Vehicle Remarketing guarantee that for each vehicle offered for sale: the make, model and year of first registration are correct as listed:
– the displayed images accurately show the general appearance of the vehicle’s exterior and interior at the time of sale;
– there are no outstanding finance or debts on the vehicle at the time of purchase;
– legal ownership of the vehicle will pass to the buyer after paying the vehicle;
– if you pay us a deposit or the full price for a vehicle, you are guaranteed to receive the vehicle;
– if a vehicle is advertised as having full service history, you will receive the service book and documents attesting the service and maintenance that have been performed;
– the vehicle’s ‘Run & Drive’ condition has been accurately classified; and
– at the time the vehicle is listed for sale, the vehicle’s odometer reading it’s accurate and has no less than the mileage recorded against the vehicle’s registration number in the most recently chassis number (VIN) information available online or through main dealer.
If any of the above conditions are not met, we will refund the purchase price and all buyer’s fees and applicable taxes.

If you still got questions or would like a little extra reassurance before submitting your order, please read FAQ’s section or Contact us for personalised help.

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