Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequent questions our buyers have asked us.

Can anyone buy a vehicle?

Yes, anyone can buy a vehicle from our company (both private individuals and companies).

What does repossessions cars means?

Repossessions occur when vehicle owners have failed to keep up with their monthly payments on car loans, hire purchase and personal contract agreements.

Does a repossessed vehicle have any outstanding debts?

The finances have been settled before the vehicles were advertised for sale. This means that there are no outstanding payments or debts on the vehicles at the time of purchase.

What is the final price that I have to pay for a vehicle?

If you choose to make an immediate purchase the final price is the Buy it Now price which is listed on the website.
Additional to this price you will have to pay the delivery charge to your location.

Has the vehicle been in an accident?

Most of the vehicles we offer for sale are not involved in accidents. However if a vehicle has any damage, we are making a picture and post it on our website.
So you must check the vehicle listing page and description as we are writing there all the info related to possible accidents or damages.

What warranty do you offer with the vehicle?

All the vehicles comes with 1 Year Warranty or the remaining manufacturer warranty (if applicable).

How can I buy a vehicle?

You can buy a vehicle either through immediate purchase by paying the Buy it Now price listed on the website and the vehicle is delivered to you or by attending to our physical auctions.
***Please note that only professional car dealers and traders are approved to buy through our live auction.

How does the purchase process work for private buyers?

You can find more about the purchase process on How to Buy page.

Does your vehicles come with any documents?

All our vehicles will come with Registration Certificate (Large and Small if it’s applicable), Invoice, Service history book, Warranty, EU Certificate of Conformity, Insurance Policy (valid for 1 month) and valid PTI certificate (Periodical Technical Inspection).

Do I get license number plates?

We will provide temporary number plates valid for 1 Month. You will then have to register the vehicle in your country in order to get local number plates.

If no service book available, can I get a service history?

If there is no service book available, you can request a service history document using the vehicle documents after you register it in your country.This document can be requested at any official manufacturer dealership.

When will I receive my car documents?

To ensure that the sale will be completed correctly, the documents will be provided along with the vehicle upon delivery.

How and when do I pay for the vehicle?

Once you have submitted an order or you won the live auction, the vehicle is assigned to you and you have maximum two business days to make the payment. Please provide us with the SWIFT confirmation from your bank.

How can I know when you have received my payment?

You will receive a confirmation (email/phone call) as soon as your payment has been confirmed.

Do you accept cash payments?

We do not accept cash payments. We only accept payments coming from a bank account.

What is a COC?

Certificate of Conformity (COC) is a document that declares that your vehicle conforms to EC standards and is allowed free movement within the European Union. The COC must include exactly what is set by EU regulation (Amendment IX, Regulation 92/53).

Do you export your vehicles outside the European Union?

Yes, we do export vehicles outside European Union. We’ll help you with the relevant documentation. Contact us for more information.

I have a problem with my car what should I do?

If you have any technical problems that occurs within 1 year since the purchase of vehicle, you must submit a document from an official workshop or dealer which describes the technical damage along with the proforma Invoice for the repairs.
We will pay for the repairing of the vehicle within 48 hours since we have received the proforma Invoice for the repairs.

Can anyone attend to your auction?

Our auctions are available for professional car dealers and traders and not for private individuals. The buyers must be represented by persons who are authorised to enter into legally binding contracts in accordance with the legislation in effect.

How do I register for the auction?

In order to register your company for the auction, you will need to complete the registration form.

How can I prove my activity as a car trader or dealer?

During the registration, we will ask you to prove you are a professional car trader or dealer. The easiest way to do this is by supplying your NACE codes. You can find them on your company registration documents.
If the NACE codes related with car-trading (45.11, 50.10…) are not mentioned on your company registration documents, your access to our auction will be blocked.

Can I drive away with the vehicle on the same day as the purchase?

Yes, this is possible only for the vehicles purchased through our auctions.

Does the listed price including the VAT?

Yes, the price listed on our website includes VAT.

How can I order transport?

You can order a transport either by submitting the order form on the vehicle listing page or by email.

Can I view and test drive the vehicle?

You can view, test drive and buy a vehicle either by participating in one of our live auctions or by using our delivery procedure and taking advantage of our 5 Days Return Policy.
***Please note: We organise only one monthly auction – the only way to view/test drive the vehicle before the auction is to have it delivered.

Can I cancel my purchase?

After you have submitted an order, you cannot cancel it until the vehicle is delivered to your location.
***Please note that you will only be able to cancel the transaction at the point of delivery/handover and receive a full refund (Cancellation is also available during the 5 Days Trial period).

If I want to return the vehicle after delivery do I have to pay any fee?

You do not have to pay any fee if you return the vehicle within 5 days since it has been delivered.
We will take care of taking the vehicle from your possession and will refund your payment in full.

Can I do a car exchange and pay the difference?

We do not accept vehicles exchange, because we deal only with repossessed vehicles.

Do you offer any finance plan for your vehicles?

Unfortunately, we do not offer finance. No monthly payments accepted.
So you will have to get finance yourself and pay for the vehicle in full.

Can I reserve a vehicle online?

If you do want to reserve a vehicle then you will be required to secure a refundable deposit (usually 50% of the price).
If no deposit is provided then the vehicle is sold on a first come first served basis.


If you have other questions feel free to contact us either by phone or by email.


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